QRID stands for QR Identity. A QRID is a named checklist housed within a humble, unobtrusive QR Code. The term QRID also serves as reference to the identity of the specific location in which the QR Code exists.

Thanks to QRIDit's QR oriented report system, creating location specific checklists for your team to engage with could not be easier. Create a QRID, generate your QRID Card and attach it to your client’s property ready to deliver the Checklist information to your assignees when they arrive.

When completed, the Checklist is submitted from the team member's handset and immediately sent to your QRIDit account as a full, completed report. The submitted report can then be quickly assessed, adjusted and sent to your client within seconds.

Any number of QRIDs can be created for any number of sites and you can make them as simple or as detailed as you like which means that your staff effectively begin work from the moment that they capture a QR Code with their smartphone.