There are 3 options to search in the QRIDit site.

The Upper Search Bar, The Filters in each section and the lower search bar that is specific to the page you are on.

1.) The upper Search is a general Search Engine for the complete system. If you start typing a Team members name, Client, QRID name or site this will find what you are looking for.

2.) The Lower Search is specified for the page you are on. For example: if you are in the QRID's page and you use the lower search it is specific for QRID names, so if you type in a client name it does not recognize the name as it is not a QRID name. Therefore if you are in QRID's and want to find a specific client you must use the filter option or the upper search bar.

3.) The filters on each page. The filters are used to narrow a search, for example: if you are in QRID's and you are unable to remember the name you gave to a client's QRID you can use the filter to narrow down the search by Client Type, Client, Site, Work Type, City & Zone.